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A. How to Sell

When you decide that an item has no longer place in your wardrobe (you can use the test “not moved from the shelf at all in the past 10 months”) get on DRESSINGZ to sell it fast and get the budget for a new acquisition.

It is very simple:
Click SELL -> fill in the required information -> Submit Item
Your item will be checked by DRESSINGZ quality experts. They will approve your submission and your item will be visible on the platform. Or they will request more information or additional pictures or suggest a new price for increasing the chances to sell fast your item.


You can sell any item in your dressing that is 100% authentic and in very good condition, with a minimum selling price of 30 EUR, from a list of recommended brands (check here). In case you want to sell an item brand that it is not listed, please submit the request and our Experts will evaluate your submission. 

Keep in mind the following criteria: 

o   Authenticity: We only accept authentic items. Our experts will check the quality and authenticity of your submitted item, based on the photos and description, plus extra details that might be required by our specialists (authenticity codes, stamps, holograms, stitching details etc)

o   Quality: you can choose from our recommended list of brands and you can also propose new ones. We also consider the condition of each item, so please keep in mind to choose the ones that are in good condition and are not extremely outdated 

o   Price: the chosen price for your item (items) must take into consideration the average price (prices) found on the re-sale market


DRESSINGZ is committed to offer to its users very good, authentic items, at very attractive prices. This is why, when you submit an item, our specialists, together with external experts will check the quality and authenticity of your submitted item, based on the photos and description, plus extra details that might be required by our specialists (authenticity codes, stamps, holograms, stiching details etc) If the item is not compliant, the submission will be rejected. Also if the price is not reasonably set, our specialists will suggest a different price. If you do not accept it, our Experts might reject the submission.


Our Experts will check the item submitted in 24 hrs from submission and they will get back to you with the status.

You can increase the chances of selling your item by:

  • Providing minim 3 very good photos (check tips here)
  • Write a clear description
  • Provide measurements of the item, not only the size
  • Set a competitive price (you can check price for similar products in the platform or follow the Dressingz Experts advice on pricing)
  • Offer Bundle offers if you have more items for sale
  • Promote your item in order to increase visibility

To have good chances to sell your item fast, you have to set a correct price. Here are some tips you can consider:

  • The price should reflect the degree of usage or alteration, if any, of your item.
  • Even if your item is new, with tag, you should take into consideration that this is a platform for resellers, so people expect to find items at lower prices that the original retail price.
  • Always check similar items in the platform to set a competitive price
  • Follow the Dressingz Experts advice on price. If there is no advice, it means that your price is correct

You should definitely accept to negotiate if you want your item to sell fast and if you’re flexible with the price, even with a small discount. Be prompt in answering buyers offers, even if you don’t accept their proposals – you have the possibility to reject it or send your own proposal.

We, at Dressingz, we believe in the power of togetherness in making a remarkable change for the better. We all play an important part in making a difference around.
We start by walking the talk: Dressingz is committed to donate 1% of their profits to a charity cause, through selected NGOs.
We also offer our users the option to make a good deed, through the Charity option. Sellers can opt to give away a small amount of what they are cashing in, for the items sold. Buyers can opt to donate as well, at checkout. Or, no matter the role in the platform, you can visit out selected causes here and choose to help. The amount is at your choice, because the most important thing is the act of doing good.

When you submit an item for sell, you have the possibility to create also special offers, by bundling the item with 2 or more items, for a lower price than sold alone. Yes, you will win a bit less per item, but your chances to sell increase, plus you sell more items at once!

We keep your listing for as long as it needs, however we advise you to refresh your older than 12 months listings, by resubmitting new pictures or decreasing a bit the price.

B. What are the Seller fees?


When you sell an item, you will receive the price set, minus the DRESSINGZ commission for administrating, promoting, intermediating your sale.

DRESSINGZ commission depends on the value of your item:

30- 50 Eur - 10 Eur commission

51- 100 Eur - 15 Eur commission

101 Eur - 5000 Eur - 20% commission

> 5000 Eur - 17% commission

For example, if you set the price for your item 150 Eur, you will get:
150 – 20%x150 = 120 Eur


DRESSINGZ commission depends on the price you set for your item for sale:

30-50 Eur - 10 Eur commission

51- 100 Eur - 15 Eur commission

101 Eur - 5000 Eur - 20% commission

> 5000 Eur - 17% commission


When you sell an item, the Buyer pays the amount (e.g 150 Eur) to DRESSINGZ and DRESSINGZ pays the Seller 120  Euro, retaining the 20% commission, related to the commission price range above detailed.


C. What are the Seller privileges?

A Diamond Seller is a premium user, a trusted seller who enjoys additional benefits.


You become a Diamond Seller once you tick some criterias:

      • Send fast the items sold

80% of items sold in the last 6 months are shipped FAST (there will be 2 levels of shipping: FAST in 3 working days and COMPLIANT in 5 working days)

In order to meet the speed of delivery criteria, try to send out the item sold in maximum 3 days from the day your product is sold.

      • Always offer good quality and authentic items

All items submitted to Dressingz are put through a rigorous authentication process overseen by Dressingz ’s trained team of luxury Experts. 

You have to avoid having items rejected by Dressingz Experts and also you have to make sure your items are not refused by the Buyer for Quality reasons.

In order to meet the Quality criteria, make sure 100% of items sold are Quality & Authenticity compliant


      • You accumulate 50 ranking points

Every action in the platform is rewarded with points, so the more active you are, the more quickly you can reach the threshold of 50 points


      • Number of sales

There is a threshold of 3 items sold during 30 days.

Once you reached 3 items sold in 30 days, and all above criteria are met, you will not need to keep the same level of sales. You will not lose your badge if you don’t sell another 3 items in the next 30 days, but you can lose your Diamond Seller badge if your not at all active during 6 months or fail on the Speed of delivery or Quality and Authenticity criteria



Once a Diamond Seller you enjoy special benefits:


1/ The Badge.

The Diamond Seller badge positions you as a most trusted Seller. The badge will be visible on your profile, but also on all the items from your wardrobe. All Buyers see the badge and they are more inclined to choose an item from a Diamond seller than from a regular one.

But good fame is not the only benefit


2/ The Points Benefit

Once you are a Diamond Seller, you can start using your points, by exchanging them for goodies.

Here are some examples of goodies


    • DISCOUNTS. E.g. 10% discount limited time offer (get 10% discount in exchange of 10 points)

    • TOMBOLA. E.g. tombola participation (win a fashion consulting session with a designer for 10 points)

    • FREE SHIPPING. E. g. free shipping for a buyer (win a free shipping in exchange of 10 points)

    • GIFTS. E.g. private assistant (get a personal assistant in your home to organize your dressing and create your virtual dressing for 50 points. Or get an eco-trendy bag for free with your next buying or selling, for 20 points.


The Points Benefits offers are communicated exclusively to the Diamond Sellers. Follow the indication you receive in the notification to exchange your points for a specific offer (usually comes with a specific promotional code).

D. What is the ANGEL Seller?

The Angel seller is the seller who choose to donate for a charity cause, from the ones suggested.
If you choose to donate an amount when your item is sold, you will be granted a badge that will appear on the item listing.
Once you make an effective donation, the badge will appear in your account as well, acknowledging that you are an Angel seller.
You will keep the ANGEL seller badge for 3 months since the donation, unless you renew the donation (by selling an item with donation or choosing to donate independently)

As a seller, you have the possibility to donate when your item is sold, if you listed the item with donation option. You also have the possibility to donate independently, if you visit the Good deeds page here.

The badge is automatically granted when you make the first donation (if a Seller, the moment your items with donation is bought and the buyer don’t return the item). However, the badge will anyhow appear on your item picture, if you opted to donate once you will sell the respective product.

Dressingz is selecting the causes based on careful research, analyze of NGOs and own brand focus, which covers primarily health & planet care.

For the moment, you can exclusively choose from the recommended list of NGOs. We try to make our selection exhaustive, so that you can surely find a cause dear to your heart.

You can write to us any suggestion you might have and we will surely analyze your proposal.

We, at Dressingz, we believe in the power of togetherness in making a remarkable change for the better. We all play an important part in making a difference around.
This is why we start by walking the talk: Dressingz is committed to donate 1% of their profits to a charity cause, through selected NGOs, that is periodically communicated to our community.

Besides our wish of making a positive difference in the world around, we truly believe that there is no such joy than making a good deed. Try it. We are here to put together the most beautiful and loved things – from fashion, art, design and else. This beauty makes us happy. But when beauty produces more beauty, through sharing, the joy becomes unlimited.


Click My Account -> My personal Information -> Return Address edit

When you submit an item, it is not automatically published. It will first be examined by our Experts who will check quality and authenticity of the item. They might require more pictures or details about the item. Finally, they will check if the price is a correct one and they will approve or suggest you a new price. You have the option to accept their suggestion or reject it, living the Exert the final decision of accepting or not to publish the item.

You can access My Account -> My Items for sale -> click on Edit item -> edit price.
Please note that you can only edit the price with a lower value than the initial one. Price increases are not allowed.

Once the item is published, you cannot add additional pictures. You can only resubmit your item and go through approval process again.

Click My Account -> My Items for sale -> Item Edit -> Delete Item. You can also choose to Un-publish Item and your item will no longer be visible on the platform. This option will allow you to re-publish the item at a future date, without going through approval process again.


During holidays or other timeframes when you are not available, it is recommended that you set your status as Unavailable. In this way, you will avoid having sold an item and not being able to send it in due timeframe this could also cause the Diamond seller badge cancellation).
To set the availability, go to My Account -> Set availability