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Why use Dressingz

We manage all transactions made on Dressingz platform between a seller and a buyer, so you won't have to worry about safety

All items sold on our platform are being verified by our experts or by authorized authentication partners


We tried to make your experience as easy and attractive as possible so the uploading process can be done in 2 minutes

As a Seller you benefit of FREE SHIPPING. You can also get to have your items promoted by influencers or fashion designers, sell in bundles and negotiate your items' price.

As a Buyer, if you have received an item and it's not what you expected, or it doesn't suit you, it can be relisted for sale, free of charge (0 Dressingz’s commission), for up to 72 hours after receiving it. Moreover, compared to other platforms you can RETURN the item following our return policy.


On our platform, you only use a username, of your choice. All your personal information (name, phone number, bank account, etc.) are protected by DRESSINGZ


As a Seller, you can sell your items on Dressingz with the lowest commission compared with other selling platforms

As a Buyer, you can find exclusive products by well-known brands and designers from around the world and you can save up to 70% compared to retail price

When you buy a product, you can receive it even in 2 days!

When you sell a product, you collect the money in a maximum of 7 days.

Tombolas on a regular basis where you can win luxury items

Access to exclusive products uploaded by our most appreciated influencers and stylists

We care about the environment, and we believe that by re-selling fashion products we all can support the planet, limiting waste and carbon emissions

DRESSINGS is committed to donate 10% of the profit towards environmental NGOs, one of which is WWF Romania