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Selling tips



The photos can make a real difference in selling your item. They have to be as accurate as possible and for this, you don’t need to be a pro. Get ready to use your smartphone and follow a few important tips:
- The light. the best way to photograph your items is during the day, especially in the morning until noon. Natural light is always better, so we advise you, if possible, to wait for a sunny day to take the snaps you need. Of course, you can always use a flash to adjust the lighting.
- The focus. Adjust the focus on your camera (be it your phone or a classic camera) and make sure the texture and color are as close to reality as possible.
- The filters. Do not use filters or HDR mode while taking your photos. You can edit them later, to better showcase the product and reflect the real one.
- The background. We recommend using a white background. The most common way is to hang the item against a white wall. For items that cannot be hanged you can also use white paper (A3 format) to create a white, clean background. If you don’t have a white wall or background, you can use any other light color, but please avoid prints, patterns or other elements, decoration showing in the picture. Just fill the frame with the product, leaving little space for background and excluding all other details around.
- The accuracy. Please provide enough pictures of your items to show all the sides, all the details, all the flaws, if the case. Make sure the pictures reflect 1:1 the real product, this will decrease the risk of returns and will ensure 100% buyer satisfaction. Make sure the item “silhouette” (A-line or pencil or cloche etc.) is shown as closed to reality as possible - sometimes it is very helpful to add a picture wearing the item.
- The makeover. Please consider the pictures are your advertisement. Even if you are selling a pre-owned product, it has to look lovable, cleaned, ironed and nicely displayed or hanged against the white background. If you are selling shoes, prepare them before taking the picture by removing stains, brushing a little, cleaning the sole etc.
- The cover photo. This is the photo that will appear in the listing and it is the most important of all. It will determine a potential buyer to click or not on the picture. Place the item against a white background (wall, floor, box, paper etc.). Take the front side picture. Make sure the item is centered, captured entirely in the frame and if possible, the picture faithfully reproduces the shape & size (try placing the camera at the object’s level - not too low, not too high - for perfect accuracy).




The item description should be as detailed as possible. Some elements to consider when writing the description:
- The model name, collection
- Item specifics
- Proof of origin, authenticity marks - for luxury goods
- Any existing flaw
- Details about the condition, usage frequency
- Styling suggestion




If you want to sell fast, your price need to be competitive. Please have a check on the platform in order to see similar items and compare the prices.
Also, your price should be at least 40% below the retail price if the item is new with tag, and at least 60% off RRP if the item is used.
Our experts will help you in suggesting a fair price, if they find the price you have set unreasonable.




The Premium Seller badge will increase the visibility of your items and, most importantly, will build you the credibility of a trusted partner.
Please check here the criteria that have to be met in order to become a Premium Seller. 




If you have several items for sale in your dressing, you could consider making some bundles - pack 2 or more items and sell them together with a special discounted price.

Good luck with your sales!