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Badges and Benefits

Premium Seller

We deeply appreciate your choice of being member of our community and we want to reward your time and passion behind your activity on DRESSINGZ.


The “Premium Seller” badge can be granted to you as an appreciation of your activity on the platform. You will become a Premium Seller once the following criteria are met:

  1. Criteria 1: History Everything you do on the platform (uploading items, selling items, writing posts etc) will bring you D-points.
    Here it is a detailed list of activities and number of D-points associated:
    - Any sale - 1p
    - Any purchase - 1p
    - Any donation - 1p
    - Any post written in Talks, with min 20 reactions - 1p
    - Any item uploaded - 0.5p
    A minimum of 50 D-points has to be accumulated in your account, as a Premium Seller badge pre-requisite
  2. Criteria 2: Sales Volume The more quality and price compliant items you upload on the platform, the more chances you have of selling. Being an active member will be rewarded.
    The threshold that needs to be achieved is 3 sales over a 30 days period
  3. Criteria 3: Speed of Shipping Once your item is sold, you need to ship it FAST, meaning in the next 3 days following the sale. 80% of items sold by you in the last 6 months need to be shipped FAST, in order to meet the criteria.
    Note. There are 2 levels of shipping-time accepted as per T&C of the platform: FAST = in 3 working days and COMPLIANT = in 5 working days.
    If you don’t ship your items within the 5 days following the sale, the sale can be cancelled and you lose the Premium Seller badge.
  4. Criteria 4: Authenticity Offering real, authentic items is a MUST and we put all our efforts into making sure that all the items submitted on the platform are authentic and in good condition. Our Authenticity Experts check all the items submitted and might require additional information, pictures or physical inspection whenever it’s needed.
    Please make sure that you 100% observe the authenticity condition when choosing to submit an item.
    The validity of a Premium Seller badge is 1 year.
    The badge can however be removed at any moment if one of the following situations happen:
    - 6 months of inactivity (no login during 6 months)
    - A non-compliant item submitted
    - Non-COMPLIANT shipping time (longer than 5 days after the sale)



    The members that reach the Premium Seller level are recognized as top trusted partners, benefiting of more visibility and endorsement, reaching to more sales.
  2. 100 EUR VOUCHER
    We reward a Premium Seller monthly by granting a 100 EUR voucher to be spend on the platform, based on a lucky draw.
    Rules apply: you cannot win twice in 12 months. If you win the monthly voucher, you will be excluded from the next 11 draws that comes.
    Only as a Premium Seller you will be able to convert your D-Points into additional benefits:
    - DISCOUNTS. E.g. 10% discount limited time offer (get 10% extra-discount in exchange of 20 points)
    - TOMBOLA. E.g. tombola participation (win a fashion consulting session with a designer for 10 points)
    - FREE SHIPPING FOR BUYING. E. g. free shipping for buying (win a free shipping in exchange of 10 points)
    - GIFTS. Premium Sellers are offered extra treats periodically. E.g. private assistant (get a personal assistant in your home to organize your dressing and create your virtual dressing for 50 points. Or get an eco-trendy bag for free with your next buying or selling, for 20 points.
    Premium Sellers take advantage of FREE SHIPPING for all items sold.

Angel Badge


The ANGEL badge is granted for the good deeds made on the platform.

We believe in sharing the good around. From responsible fashion (through re-selling and re-using) to caring for the planet or supporting the ones in need, our purpose is to build a community who makes a difference around. When you make your first good deed, of any value, on the platform, you receive the Angel badge.

How can you make a good deed?

If you sell an item, you have the option of donating an amount of your choice to a charity cause that you select. And if you don’t sell, you still have the option to contribute and get the Angel badge. Check our Good deeds maker page here and join us in supporting the social cause that feels closer to your heart. We commit to donate 10% of our profits every year to the social cause that received most donations from our users. So, show us your preference and let’s make a difference together!

Note: The Angel badge has a 3 months validity, user has to renew donation (sell an item with donation or donate directly) in order to re-activate the Angel badge.

Badges and Benefits