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How to use My Account

Click My Account -> My personal Information -> Return Address edit

When you submit an item, it is not automatically published. It will first be examined by our Experts who will check quality and authenticity of the item. They might require more pictures or details about the item. Finally, they will check if the price is a correct one and they will approve or suggest you a new price. You have the option to accept their suggestion or reject it, living the Exert the final decision of accepting or not to publish the item.

You can access My Account -> My Items for sale -> click on Edit item -> edit price.
Please note that you can only edit the price with a lower value than the initial one. Price increases are not allowed.

Once the item is published, you cannot add additional pictures. You can only resubmit your item and go through approval process again.

Click My Account -> My Items for sale -> Item Edit -> Delete Item. You can also choose to Un-publish Item and your item will no longer be visible on the platform. This option will allow you to re-publish the item at a future date, without going through approval process again.


During holidays or other timeframes when you are not available, it is recommended that you set your status as Unavailable. In this way, you will avoid having sold an item and not being able to send it in due timeframe 9this could also cause the Diamond seller badge cancellation).

To set the availability, go to My Account -> Set availability