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Celine Leather Money & cards Wallets

510 € RRP 600 €
  • New without tag
  • Shipped from Romania

Item Description

Tan colour
10,5 x 8,5 cm
Full box

Material: Leather

Color: Brown

Print: Plain

The shipping cost is calculated for every order, based on the seller and buyer addresses.

This is why you will see the exact shipping cost, at Checkout, after you introduce the delivery address.

The shipping fees on the Romania territory is 5 EUR ( 25 RON).

If you are buying several items from the same seller, you will pay the same shipping as for 1 item.

We currently do not ship internationally, but we surely plan to!




Delivery time can vary, based on the moment that the Seller posts the item and the authenticity process.
Usually, it is posted within 2-3 days from the moment the order is confirmed and it takes approximately 2 days for the carrier to deliver it to you, anywhere in Romania.
If the item is sent to DRESSINGZ premises for double-check, through physical inspection, prior to being sent to the buyer, then delivery time can take a few more days. 
You can also check for the badge displayed on the item’s page to estimate the delivery time (See Buyer’s Protection info).

In case the item is different from what you expected, you can claim the return of the item, by clicking Return in My account / My Order, no later than 24 hours from receipt of the item. You also have the option to relist the item for sale, with 0% commission, within 72 hours from receipt of the item.

Make sure you create the AWB in the timeframe mentioned, in order to have your Return accepted.

Please note that the Return timeframe is limited and does not fall under the 30 days accepted timeframe, as for the items bought from business merchants.

The 24 hours timeframe protects the Seller from malicious buyers who return the item worn or damaged.

Verified by Dressingz Experts

All items submitted to DRESSINGZ are put through rigorous verification process, overseen by our experts and external consultants, before being listed on the platform. First check is based on the photos submitted, plus extra details that might be required by our specialists (authenticity codes, stamps, holograms, stitching details etc). When the item is sold, it is sent to DRESSINGZ premises for double-check, through physical inspection, prior to being sent to the buyer.

Very few items, mostly sold by most trusted sellers on the platform, can be sent directly to the buyer, without the second inspection.  

Authenticity Certified

Some items are already in the DRESSINGZ warehouse, already certified by our DRESSINGZ experts and partner Consultants. You will recognize them by the stamp “Authenticity Certified”. These items can be shipped very fast, in 1-2 days.

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Celine Leather Money & cards Wallets


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