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A trace of  Gucci’s Tom Ford era 
The period of Tom Ford’s artistic ‘regime’ at Gucci has represented a pivotal moment in fashion history. Paved by his idiosyncratic codes of hedonistic glamour and gloss, the world of Tom Ford was highly provocative especially during his time at Gucci, when hints of playfulness and suggestive metaphorical association were constantly evoking the viewer’s desire and lust. Today, we experience the “Gucci hangover” effect since his eponymous brand has slightly shifted to informality, Gucci started re-editioning iconic pieces from the Tom Ford era and the 90s and 00s references are more haunted than ever. His 90s designs for Gucci have entered the records of fashion history and have become a public domain for designers to use. While his most provocative references are buried in the past, the actual pieces from the era are ‘to kill for’ among everyone who at least pretends to be a fashion addict or specialist. 

Our greatest catch designed by Tom Ford, for Gucci, was the baguette GG monogrammed bag, debuted in the SS 2004 show. A favorite accessory of Kendall Jenner since 2019, the bag is an analogue of the Noughties and THE statement piece of today. Adorned with green and yellow stripes, studs, flashy hardware, and a reinterpretation of the iconic Gucci horsebit rings, the design is a dashing Y2K symbol. Better luck next time, keep your eyes on our website and never miss valuable (re)loved catches from our vintage vault.

Article by Catinca Negut, DRESSINGZ Editorial Manager

Photo credits:

look 1: Gucci spring/summer 2004.  PAOLO COCCO via

look 2: via

look 3: Kendall Jenner. Photo:, via

look 4: PhotosByDutch /, via

look 5: via


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