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The rise of low-rise waists is experiencing its second peak of success after being labeled as the 00s attire of choice for every bombshell, pop stars like Gwen Stefani or Aguilera and Paris Hilton. 20 years later, the catwalks, streets, and nightclubs are flooded with Y2K wardrobe influences, ahead with the lowest rises showing off waists and hips. Browse our pre-loved selection and you can score an original 00s designer piece from brands such as Ferre, Versace, or Diesel. Depending on your style, you can choose to channel your inner Y2K frivolous diva, or even pair your low-rise pair of jeans with a masculine white shirt and classic black sunglasses to channel the sleek, contemporary Victoria Beckham. If you want to opt for a skirt, the latest, viral Miu Miu runways are here to provide all of the inspiration you need.

Photo Credits: MiuMiu runaways 


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